Environmental Sustainability Policy


Policy Statement:

At Wells-Hosa Greenhouse Farms Ltd, we believe that we have an obligation — to our employees, our communities, our investors, our customers and the environment — to operate our business sustainably. We integrate our environmental management system with all our human resource management activities and policies which enable our employees to contribute to our environmental management objectives.


To ensure we do not meet our objectives today at the expense of the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, at least their essential needs.

The Policy

As nature lovers, our recirculating hydroponics is the most water-efficient ensure all our activities preserve (to protect), conserve (to save) the environment and to minimize environmental pollution by:

  • Creating healthy, collaborative and innovative work environments
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing productivity through thoughtful resource conservation and waste reduction
  • Driving profit responsibly
  • Fostering a culture of involvement in sustainability through employee education and engagement, and
  • Enabling our customers to become more sustainable through the use of our products.

Specifically, Wells-Hosa Greenhouse Farms will:

  • Adopt advanced irrigation system that uses 10 times less water compared to conventional farming while eliminating all agricultural runoff.
  • Use less space to grow more fresh produce, protecting biodiversity and healing our ecosystem since our 500,000 square feet of greenhouses produce yields that are equivalent to more than 400 acres of conventional farming. As a result, our growing approach has no negative impact on precious soil resources, and we eliminate the use of arable land, grasslands or forests.
  • Use less energy, food miles, and waste
  • Less time in transit means fewer wilting leaves and food waste. Our supply chain reduces our transportation fuel consumption and the associated carbon emissions and air pollution.
  • We will train every employee to be a preservationist, conservationist and non-polluter

Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms Ltd expects that each employee, vendor and visitor will follow the above practices to ensure that we meet our reported sustainability goals. This Sustainability Policy has ultimate lineage to our Code of Business Conduct as well as from all Board and senior level management policy. Please follow the guidelines set in this policy statement.