Our state-of-the-art greenhouse farms are designed with hydroponic systems that allow for water recirculation

Our hydroponic systems use a mineral-based nutrient solution to nourish our produce in a soilless environment. That means that we use less waterthan conventional agriculture and there is no agricultural runoff.

The Layout

A total surface area of 27 hectares. The packing house is 1400 square metres with enough space to install 2 sorting machines, a harvest boxes warehouse, and 2 cool chambers with 82 pallets capacity (three 40 feet container per week).

Service Module

Accurate nutrition control, automatic filtration system, computerized control for the irrigation system, and fast relief valve to protect the irrigation system.


600 square meters, 1000 trays to allocate 128000 seeds producing seedlings for cycles of 7 greenhouses at a time thereby allowing the farm to offer products the whole year round.

Tropical Greenhouses

Specially designed for the humid tropic weather with double windows on the top help to remove hot air from the greenhouses. A hydroponic substrate system, accurate irrigation system and air circulatory fans.


  • Extremely land and water efficient
  • Very high yields
  • Consistent high quality produce
  • No agricultural run-off
  • Pest management