Human Trafficking Statement



The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“act”) was introduced to help eradicate slavery, forced labor and human trafficking in the operations and supply chains of companies. This statement is made pursuant to Section 54, Part 6 of the act and includes information about the Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms, its own operations and supply chains, and how we are approaching the eradication of slavery and human trafficking within our business. 


Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms is committed to preventing and mitigating exploitation, bribery and corruption.  We will not accept modern slavery, forced labor and human trafficking anywhere within our operations or supply chain. This statement seeks to illustrate that Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms understands its responsibility to go beyond legal compliance and show how we are committed to proactively tackling modern slavery in our supply chains.


Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms is on a mission to transform agriculture in Nigeria by building and operating environmentally responsible farms that enable local production at scale and nourish local communities with safe, nutritious, and delicious food.

We have been charting this course toward a new standard for totally controlled agriculture since 2006. We defy traditional growing seasons by enabling local farming at commercial scale all-year round and we set a new standard for traceability by managing our greens from seed to package.

Our operations

We directly employ more than 300 staff across Nigeria, as a combination of office-based staff and farm workers. We are confident that our own operations are free of modern slavery, forced labor and human trafficking.

We have a range of employment policies in place which ensure that our employees are fairly treated, supported, remunerated and understand the behavior expected by the organisation.


We have a team of procurement specialists managing procurement processes.  The suppliers we use to deliver our raw materials, and our own operations, are based in the UK, EU, USA, MEXICO and U.A.E

We contract with a range of suppliers, from large international companies to local cleaning and catering companies.  Companies providing manual or lower skilled workers to provide services are likely to be at greater risk of exploitation.  Awareness raising among our employees is key to ensuring that these risk areas are recognized and employees know what to do if they become aware of any concern associated with exploitation.


As part of our approach to maintaining a supply chain that is free of modern slavery, forced labor and human trafficking, we require all commercial organisations bidding for Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms work to provide a copy or link to their anti-slavery statement.  

Where such a statement does not exist (for example, where the bidder does not meet the act’s criteria for a statement to be produced), we require a statement from the bidder confirming that it is committed to and acts according to the moral principles of the act. 

Through our standard contract we require suppliers to report any breach or suspected breach of the act associated with our contract to us immediately.  We reserve our rights to terminate contracts with suppliers in the event that there is evidence of non-compliance with the act.


All staff must read this statement having been shared with all staff.  Staff are expected to familiarize themselves with the key requirements of the act and their responsibility as individuals to report behavior which they believe suggests a breach of the act. 

Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms’ whistle-blowing policy includes appropriate guidance for staff in reporting any suspicion of inappropriate or illegal behaviors.  Concerns can also be raised with line managers.

Actions in the last reporting year

In the last reporting year, we have:

  • Raised awareness of the act within Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms through sharing on our corporate website and social media platforms.  This is an ongoing activity to ensure that colleagues are well informed

We have not received any reports of potential or actual breaches of the act and no procurement or contracts have been terminated as a result of concerns regarding compliance with the act.


In the coming financial year (to 31 July 2021), we will:

  • Convene a small group of staff to consider further steps we can take that are proportionate to our risk areas
  • Update the whistle-blowing policy to better reflect our commitment
  • Target colleagues who act as contract managers to provide necessary training
  • Continue to raise awareness of the act within Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms via our social media platforms, presentations at staff meetings and via the Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms procurement team, as well as resources on the staff intranet

This statement will be made available on our website via a prominent link from Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms’ homepage.