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Type: Saladette Tomatoes

This type of tomatoes has the qualities of high resistant to heat and fungi diseases, sweet taste, not watery and very fleshy. It has two weeks shelf life and the fruit can be as big as 150gm. It is very reddish to give you that much desired red-colo


Variety: Nebula Type: Cherry Tomatoes

This tomato can be presented either in clusters or singly. It is generally small in size and roundish. The tomatoes is bright-red in color and very sweet. It can last a least two weeks on the shelf.


Variety: Ceuta. Type: Beef Tomatoes (DRW 7834)

Beef Tomatoes is just like meat. You can easily slice it because it is very not soft. Sweet and Red in color, beef tomatoes weights between 270 and 350 gm. Beef Tomatoes can be on the shelf without going bad for at least two weeks.


Type: Jaguar (Red, Yellow, white and Orange Colors)

It is orange in color with very a good taste. It is extremely hot, hard and can last as long as two weeks on the shelf. It is widely acceptable in both local and international markets.


Our Bell Pepper will be in Red, Yellow, Orange and Green colors (4 varieties). It is big in size and hard thus making it to last as long as two weeks on the shelf. Bell Pepper has good flavor and sweet taste.


Our Cucumber is of the Primavera type. It can be as big as 15 – 20 cm in length. Very greenish, hard. It has a shelf life of one week.

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Categories Of Tomato Products

Premium – 100g and above

1st Class – 85g – 100g

2nd Class – 64g – 84g

3rd Class – 59g and below


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